Precision Measurement
for industry


Measurement intelligence


Precision Measurement
for industry

Measurement intelligence.

Oryx gauges automate
non-contact thickness measurement
on your process.


20 years of engineering precision and repeatability into our thickness and width gauges.


Connect to your system anytime, from anywhere with full remote capability and access.


Control system outputs, operator permissions, displays, and more.

Display your way

A range of displays out of the box; we do custom displays too.

Data your way

Oryx data fits into your workflow.

Integrate with other systems

Expert in industrial protocols.

We are a team of dedicated experts serving the world.

Decades of experience in industrial equipment design, combined with modern software engineering, allow us to provide thickness measurement equipment and services that address the business needs of any modern manufacturer.

We believe in working with our clients.

Every process has it's own measurement criteria, physical parameters, number of measurement targets, and operating conditions.
Often, our clients would like to match data formats and reports that they already provide their customers.
Generally our clients have their own ideas about how to extend and make useful the information that an Oryx gauge will provide.
With our expertise, we consult and then customize our capabilities to match our equipment and data to your requirement.

Our clients include:

Systems deployed


Tens of millions of dollars of out of tolerance product measured.