LF series O-Frames

  • Install directly in-line. Sized for your process
  • Suitable for colors, coatings and a wide range of materials and processes
  • Repeatability up to ± 5 µm
  • Exacting engineering; millions upon millions of cycles
  • True non-contact with a variety of form factors and configurations to suit your needs
  • Built on our Oryx control architecture enabling a truly intelligent system
  • Easy to own. Straightforward sales process


Precision is a measurement of the variation in repeated measurements of the same event.


Accuracy is a measurement of how close the average of multiple measurements of an event are equal to the true value.


Repeatability is a measure of how consistently a measurement system measures the same event over time.


Stability measures how well the measurement system maintains its performance over time.

OFrames by Oryx are precision engineered. With exceptional build quality and thoughtful design, our gauges achieve precise, accurate, repeatable, and stable measurements in the most demanding conditions. Oryx equipment is easy to own and operate, continually performing as expected year after year, requiring almost no operator training..

Our small spot sensors enable our systems to measure surface texture, edges, thickness and width with the highest resolution available.


With experience in a large range of production environments measuring thousands of products, it is likely that Oryx team has encountered and solved applications within parameters you may be considering:

  • high speed metal strip rolling mills
  • casting or sintering lines
  • coating thickness measurement
  • calendering/pressing of battery electrodes
  • Class 1 Div 1 explosion proof environments

Extruded products requiring die-bolt and profile adjustments:

  • PTFE thickness and width measurement
  • plastic thickness and width measurement
  • rubber thickness and width measurement
  • foam thickness and width measurement
  • non-woven thickness and width measurement

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Oryx has the experience and expertise to deliver reliable measurement in real time that your operators trust and rely on.

The below specifications describe the most common envelope of our equipment capabilities. We can extend beyond the stated ranges; just contact a sales engineer to learn more.

Technical Specifications
Product thickness range 0.005 - 35 mm 0.0002 - 1.4 inches
Air Gap 90 or 230 mm 3.5 or 9 inches
Measurement Window ± 15 or 40 mm ± 0.6 or 1.6 inches
Strip-Web Width 150 - 2,500 mm 6 - 100 inches
Strip-Web Speed 0 - 2,000 m/min 6 - 6,500 f/min
Measurement Resolution (Thickness) 0.1 or 0.5 µm 0.000004 or 0.00002 inches
Measurement Repeatability up to 0.4 µm up to 0.000016 inches
Measurement Resolution (Cross-Strip) 0.1 - 10 mm 0.000004 - 0.5 inches
Frame scan speed up to 300 mm/s up to 12 inches/s